CUSTOM T-SHIRTS (and other things too)

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Custom garment printing shouldn't cost an arm and a leg...

                                       with Thumbtip Designs, setup fees for custom garments are a thing of the past.


We won't charge you a fee for simply plugging in a USB stick to our system and opening a file. That sort of thing makes small batch custom printing really expensive, and to be honest, its not that hard to do!!

               Get in touch and talk to us about your requirements and we can give you a quote for your next fabulous creation. 

Heat  Press Vinyl Transfer  is a cost effective  way to personalise garments  for  advertising  or 

for  fun  and  there  is  a  massive range of colours to choose from including neon, glow in the

dark and even glitter varients and the design is only limited  by your imagination.

We use high  quality PU  Flex vinyl, which is  an environmentally

friendly (PVC free) material used for  designs that are computer

cut and heat transferred to fabric.


PU  flex  has high  elasticity  for use  on stretchable  fabrics  and

it's   washable,  hard   wearing   and   can  be   used   on   cotton,

mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic or similar.

Our custom work is flexible, meaning you can supply your own garments or we can source them for you. And its not just clothing, we can print on all sorts of things like canvas bags, hats, pencil cases......

If your not sure if Heat Press Vinyl Transfer is right for your project, drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

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For Samples